Carpet cleaning Derry NH

Every day we see carpets and most of us don’t give them a second thought. Yet carpets have an interesting history and they still play an important role in societies throughout the world.

Carpets are big business and the global carpet market size was 51.9 Billion in 2018 and it is predicted to reach $73.9 billion by 2027. In terms of carpet production, Turkey leads the world with an estimated 1.62 Billion carpets followed by Belgium, 471 million carpets, India 460 million, and China, 399 million. 

With the rapid growth of the carpet industry worldwide there has been a corresponding growth in professional carpet cleaning services like ProClean Carpet Cleaning Derry NH.

The advantages of Carpet

There are many advantages of carpet as a floor covering including; Carpet cushioned surface acts as a sound absorber, it is economical to install, and carpets provide a warm floor surface during the cold season.  Unlike hard flooring products, carpets are slip-resistant and provide a softer surface to land on should a fall occur. Lastly, the majority of carpets are composed of synthetic carpet fibers which makes them a lot easier to clean than carpets of yesteryear.
The use of synthetic material in carpets makes the job of cleaning them a lot easier for both individuals and specialized carpet cleaning companies such as ProClean Carpet Cleaning Derry NH .

Carpet Fibers

Carpets are made from carpet fibers of which there are four general types. Nylon is the dominant fiber in the residential carpeting industry. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is renowned for its durability, ease of cleaning, low maintenance, and resiliency.

Nylon was invented in 1935 by a scientist named Wallace Hume Carothers who was the head of research at the Dupont organization. Initially, it was used to make women’s stockings, toothbrushes, and fishing lines and it wasn’t until 1950 that Dupont began producing Nylon for carpeting. Nylon carpet fiber underwent extensive testing for three years, and then in 1959 Dupont released the BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) Nylon which was the first truly synthetic fiber made specifically for the carpeting industry.

When cleaning Nylon carpets companies like ProClean Carpet Cleaning Derry NH will utilize the hot water extraction cleaning method which rejuvenates the hydrogen molecule contained in nylon carpet fibers. The hydrogen molecule is reactivated by the heat from the cleaning process and this then rejuvenates the carpet fiber giving the carpet the “as-new” look.

Nylon carpets are often treated with a stain resistance chemical. The most stain-resistant nylon is called solution-dyed nylon where the color is locked into the carpet fibers during the production process. This means the color can last longer and the carpet is more stain-resistant and therefore easier to clean by cleaning professionals such as ProClean Carpet Cleaning Derry NH

Another very common type of carpet is the Polyester carpet. Polyester is a synthetic compound made from petroleum and it has the following advantages. Polyester carpets are comparatively cheap to install when compared to other types of carpets and polyester carpets offer a greater range of colors and greater color vibrancy. Polyester dye’s well which means polyester carpets are more resistant to fading than other types of carpeting. Being synthetic material means that Polyester is also more stain-resistant and faster drying than other types of carpet. 

Last but by no means least Polyester is a very soft plush material that gives a feeling of luxury and is extremely comfortable and it generates less static electricity than other types of carpets.

All of these reasons make Polyester carpets a popular choice for individual purchasers and carpet cleaning companies like ProClean Carpet Cleaning Derry NH

Olefin is a synthetic-based polypropylene material used to make carpet fiber. Olefin has many advantages including it is versatile and can be used in outdoor settings, it is lightweight and strong and it is fade-resistant and durable.

Olefin is also very resistant to staining, perhaps more so than any other carpet material, it is chemical resistant and water-resistant. All of these factors combine to make Olefin-based carpets arguably the easiest to clean out of all carpets, and with Olefin carpets, carpet cleaning companies such as ProClean Carpet Cleaning Derry NH can use a large variety of cleaning methods without fear of damaging the carpet.