Carpet cleaning Groveland

The market size of the global carpet cleaning products was USD 1.4 Billion in 2018 and is expected to grow CAGR of 4.5% from 2019 to 2025. In America, carpet cleaning is a big business, so big that it is estimated there are currently 7,500 carpet and cleaning businesses in America and by 2024 it is estimated they will generate 4.964 million dollars in revenue 2024.

The carpet cleaning business can be divided into two separate segments commercial and residential. The commercial segment includes commercial businesses that have carpet on the businesses floor and the residential market includes American homes.

The Covid 19 pandemic has created a focus on maintaining cleanliness and this is certainly the case when it comes to carpets. It has been proven that the Covid 19 virus can survive on a carpeted surface for up to 4 days which is why it is essential that carpets are regularly cleaned by cleaning professionals like ProClean carpet cleaning Groveland MA

The history of carpet cleaning

Humankind has been making and using carpets for close to 5,000 years and all of that time carpet cleaning has also been in existence. The initial way of cleaning a carpet was to simply hang it up and beat it with a stick or a straw broom and in many countries, this method is still in use today. 

Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, a new method of using lemon juice began to be commonplace. People would wet a stained patch of carpet or a dirty patch with lemon juice and the lemon juice would extract the stain and dislodge the dirt particles.

Lemon juice was considered an all-purpose, all-natural cleaning agent and it was particularly useful when removing stubborn stains. People would also use a loaf of bread which would absorb staining liquid. Carpet cleaning has come a long way since early times and now instead of a loaf of bread modern carpet cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Groveland MA will use chemicals to absorb stains.

By the late 18 hundred’s new carpet cleaning methods were beginning to appear and two of the most prominent were the chloroform and clay paste methods. When using the clay paste method people would mix clay with water and then apply it as a paste to the stained area. Normally people would leave the clay paste smeared on the stained carpet overnight and then remove it the following morning along with the stain.

Cleaning methods such as the clay paste method were effective but at the same time, they also created as many problems as they solved. Modern-day carpet cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Groveland MA no longer use the old methods but their methods are based on the same principles.

A big advancement in fact a game-changer in the cleaning industry was the invention of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner first appeared in the 1860s and whilst an effective cleaning process it was difficult to operate, and by the mid-1870s it had been replaced by the Bissel carpet sweeper. The Bissel carpet sweeper was light, hand-powered, and extremely effective at carpet cleaning.  

The Bissel carpet cleaner has also shown amazing longevity as it is a cleaning device that is still in common use 162 years later. In modern times vacuum cleaners are still used to clean carpets but this will normally be a preparatory step before a more thorough cleaning is conducted by a professional cleaning company like ProClean carpet cleaning Groveland MA.

Carpet cleaning methods

There are many carpet cleaning methods but perhaps one of the most common is hot water extraction. This method involves using special cleaning equipment that sprays a mix of hot water and detergent onto the carpet. This process dislodges the particles of dirt and grime so they can be more easily vacuumed as well as dissolve and removes stains. 

Dry Cleaning
Perhaps the most common form of cleaning carpets is dry cleaning Another commonly used method of carpet cleaning is dry cleaning. Typically, dry cleaning as the name suggests will involve cleaning using a very low level of moisture and it is generally considered one of the less labor-intensive and quicker cleaning methods. Dry Cleaning is often the method of choice used by cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Groveland MA.

Dry Compound Cleaning
When utilizing the dry compound cleaning method, cleaners will brush an absorbent cleaning compound into the carpet. This cleaning compound dissolves the dirt and grime particles that are attached to the carpet fiber leaving a crystalline solution that is then vacuumed up.

The dry compound cleaning method is primarily used for cleaning small surface areas of carpet or spot cleaning as it is sometimes referred to.

Another modern cleaning method commonly used by cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Groveland MA is the Encapsulation cleaning process. The Encapsulation process uses detergent polymers that bind to residual soil particles embedded in the carpet and forms a brittle crystalline solution that is then vacuumed up. This cleaning process uses fluorochemical technology and is particularly popular with professional cleaning companies.

Other forms of cleaning often used include bonnet cleaning, dry foam cleaning, and vacuum washing all of which are used by modern-day carpet cleaning companies.