Carpet Cleaning Londonderry NH

Humankind has had carpets for close to 5000 years and throughout that time we have also had carpet cleaning methods. In fact, carpets and carpet cleaning have a symbiotic relationship which is clearly demonstrated when we look at the size of the carpet industry and the size of the carpet cleaning industry.

It is estimated that the global carpet industry was approximately 51.9 Billion in 2018 and it is predicted to reach $73.9 billion by 2027. With the growth in the carpet industry, there has been a corresponding growth in the carpet cleaning industry. In 2018 the global carpet cleaning industry was worth 1.4 billion and in 2021 it was more than 5 billion.

the global carpet cleaning services and products market is expected to The carpet cleaning industry in America has also experienced rapid growth, especially for companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Londonderry NH.  

Carpet cleaning services and carpet cleaning products are a huge market on a global level. In fact, if you add the global carpet cleaning products market and the carpet cleaning services together, they are expected to reach a global total of 90 billion USD By 2027. The countries that produce the most carpets are Turkey which produces approximately 1.62 billion carpets a year, Belgium which produces 471 Million, India, which makes 460 Million, and China which produces 399 Million carpets.

In the US it is estimated there are approximately 7,500 carpet and upholstery cleaning service companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Londonderry NH. that produce annual revenue of $3 billion.

Human’s long relationship with carpets

Carpets have been in existence for approximately 5000 years and throughout history, they have supplied a number of purposes. The first carpets were composed of animal hair and handwoven. The oldest of these ever discovered is the Pazyryk carpet which dates back to 5th century B.C. This carpet woven from animal hair provided warmth but also acted as a piece of art that recorded the lifestyle of the Sycthian people.

The Persian rugs which are the most expensive carpets in the world today, also boast a long and historically significant heritage. Persian rugs were used to provide warmth but also as a fashion item and a means to record historical events. Ancient cleaning methods involved beating them with a stick or sweeping them with a broom but in today’s environment they are cleaned by professional cleaning companies using specialized equipment like ProClean carpet cleaning Londonderry NH

Carpet cleaning down through the ages

Early carpet cleaning methods were at best rudimentary. Typically, people would hang their carpets and beat them with a stick or leave them on the floor and sweep them with a broom.

Before detergents and dry-cleaning methods were developed, people would turn to natural products to clean their carpets. During the time of the industrial revolution, people would use lemon juice to clean their carpets. Normally lemon juice would be used for spot cleaning and the removal of stains. People would dab lemon juice onto a spot on the carpet and the lemon juice would dissolve stains and kill bacteria.

The development of detergents and dry cleaning meant the end of people using lemon juice and turning to professional cleaners such as ProClean carpet cleaning Londonderry NH 

What are the different carpet cleaning methods?

There is a wide range of different carpet cleaning methods but they all serve the same end which is to remove/dissolve/ or destroy stains, dirt, allergens, and germs. All forms of carpet cleaning will include either the use of hot water, detergents, dry-cleaning, or vacuuming.

One of the common methods is hot water extraction. The hot water extraction system has two components, hot water in the form of steam and vacuuming. The hot water or steam will dissolve stains, and loosen dirt, and grease. The vacuuming will then extract the dirt particles or allergens and germs as well as any leftover moisture preventing the growth of mold. Modern cleaning services such as ProClean carpet cleaning Londonderry NH will often use the Hot Water Extraction method to clean carpets. 

Hot Water Extraction will utilize portable electrical units for the smaller cleaning jobs, then on the bigger cleaning jobs like commercial office buildings, cleaners will use truck-mounted cleaning equipment with extra-long hoses attached.

The Hot Water Extraction system follows a set procedure which includes the following steps;
  1. The preconditioning process involves cleaners spraying an alkaline solution such as ammonia onto synthetic carpets, or diluted acidic solutions on natural fiber carpets which helps kill allergens and germs.
  2. The agitation process. The agitation process involves brushing or scrubbing the carpet by hand or by an automatic scrubbing machine. This process will often be used by ProClean carpet cleaning Londonderry NH because it agitates the molecules trapped within the carpet and loosens them for the vacuuming process.
  3. The next step will involve using a pressurized cleaning tool named the Wand which passes over the surface and rinses out all the preconditioner, residue, and particles.
  4. The next step will be to use a special wash and vacuum machine which sprays steam onto the carpet and then vacuums to dry the carpet.