Carpet Cleaning Merrimack Valley

There is a wide diversity of carpets and this diversity has resulted in a corresponding diversity of cleaning methods. In this article, I will look at some of the more popular types of carpets and the best cleaning methods for them.

But before that, let’s have a look at the size of the carpet market. Carpets can be found throughout the globe and they come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. For example, in Turkey, it is estimated there are 1.62 billion carpets, in Belgium 471 Million, in India, 460 Million, and in China 399 Million. To put this in perspective the total population of Belgium is 11.56 million and with 471 million carpets this means an average of close to 40 carpets per person.

A lot of carpets mean a lot of carpet cleaning services and it is estimated that there are 36,000 carpet cleaning services like ProClean carpet cleaning Merrimack Valley that account for over 65,000 jobs and produce annual revenue of approximately $5 Billion USD worldwide.

Different carpets and the best cleaning methods

A large variety of carpets means an equally wide variety of cleaning methods. One very popular type of carpet is the shag pile carpet. Shag pile carpets are composed of long and less dense fibers which means this type of carpet is particularly prone to collecting dirt and grime where it accumulates buried in the carpet. To clean a shag pile carpet specialized equipment must be used, which is why carpet cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Merrimack Valley will use a vacuum cleaner that has a built-in HEPA filter, strong suction power a stationary head, and large wheels so it can be maneuvered around the carpets’ long fibers.

The Berber carpet
Another type of common carpet that is completely opposite from the shag pile is the Berber. Berber carpets are renowned for their loop pile construction, meaning the fibers are bent into a series of loops. This dense looping design means that the Berber carpets are tough, durable, and stain-resistant. As an added bonus, because of the t6ight and dense looping, they resist dirt particles and keep them on the upper surface where they can be easily spotted and removed.

Cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Merrimack Valley when cleaning a Berber carpet will usually use a vacuum with strong suction power and the capacity to control the speed of the spinning brush which helps professional cleaners avoid any snagging or unraveling of the carpet fiber.

The Frieze carpet
Another style of carpet that is very popular is the Frieze carpet. The Frieze carpet is made from short curled and twisted fibers which gives the carpet a sturdy rugged look that at the same time is very comfortable and hides the wear and tear signs of heavy foot traffic.

The best method of cleaning a Frieze carpet is arguably dry cleaning. Water and shampoo methods do not work well on a frieze carpet because the long fibers tend to hold the water which necessitates drying the carpet immediately after it has been washed.

Professional carpet cleaning outfits such as ProClean carpet cleaning Merrimack Valley will always dry a Frieze carpet immediately after washing so as to avoid mold and allergens developing.

When cleaning a Frieze carpet the vacuum brush should be set on high so as to avoid it digging down into the carpet fibers causing them to shred and fray. When cleaning spills on the Frieze carpet it is important to dab at the spilled liquid rather than rub at it as rubbing will cause the fibers to fray.

When removing a stain from a Frieze carpet cleaner such as ProClean carpet cleaning Merrimack Valley will part the fibers and then press down on them when dabbing with absorbent material. The parting and blotting and pressing down procedure should be repeated until all the spilled material has been absorbed.

Another common type of carpet is the Plush carpet. A plush carpet is one that has all the fibers cut to a uniform length which means it has a sleek and shiny finish. A plush carpet is a dense fiber carpet composed of closely tufted strands of fiber which means it resembles velvet and it is far softer than other carpets.

Because plush carpet is comprised of densely fitted fibers it easily traps dirt, grime, oils, and residues and it is harder to clean. Carpet cleaners like ProClean carpet cleaning Merrimack Valley will most often use dry cleaning or steam cleaning methods and will usually recommend drying outside after the dry cleaning if weather conditions permit.