Carpet Cleaning Metheun

One example of an item we see nearly every day and take for granted is the humble carpet. Many view carpet as a functional product we use to cover our floors, but the truth is, carpet goes way beyond a floor covering.

Carpets and rugs have been used by humans for close to 5,000 years and during that time they have evolved from a humble floor covering that keeps a floor warm to a recording device, a work of art, and a fashion statement.

Given its long history, it’s not surprising that carpets can be found in just about all countries throughout the world. It is estimated that in Turkey there are 1.62 Billion carpets, Belgium 471 Million, India 460 Million, and China 399 Million. In America, it is estimated that there are 36,000 carpet cleaning services like ProClean carpet cleaning Methuen MA that employ approximately 65,000 people and produce annual revenue of approximately $5 Billion USD.

Reasons why people choose carpet as a floor covering

There are a number of reasons why a greater number of people are choosing carpet as their floor covering and the first of these is that carpeting is much softer and more comfortable than hardwood flooring. Modern carpet also combines many attributes traditionally attributed only to hardwood floorings such as strength and durability and stain resistance.

Carpet costs less than hardwood flooring and it is significantly cheaper to install. In fact, it is estimated to be approximately half the price to install carpet than hardwood floors. A quick price comparison demonstrates the difference in prices. To purchase hardwood flooring for a 12 by 12 room would cost anywhere from $1,400 to $2,000 whereas carpet would cost anywhere from $100 to $700.

Another advantage of carpeting is it is easy to clean especially with the modern equipment and techniques used by professional cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Methuen MA

Carpet cleaning methods

Carpet can act as a trap for germs and bacteria and it is estimated that in some cases a single square inch of carpet can hold more than 2,000 bacteria and dust mites, allergens, pollen, and mold which can make them a health risk and this is exactly why it is important that all carpets are regularly cleaned by professional cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Methuen MA who have the right equipment and are fully trained in the latest carpet cleaning techniques.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
One common means of carpet cleaning is called Hot Water Extraction. Basically, the Hot Water Extraction method involves using specialized cleaning equipment that sprays hot water and detergent onto the carpet surface which loosens up dirt, grime, and dust particles and helps dissolve stains. This detergent water mix is then vacuumed which extracts the water detergent mix along with the dirt and grime. Hot water extraction is a common cleaning method used by carpet cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Methuen MA

Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning is another very commonly used cleaning method. Typically, the dry-cleaning method will use Very Low Moisture VLM cleaning equipment in conjunction with dry compounds and application cleaning solutions. Dry cleaning is a relatively quick cleaning procedure which has made it one of the most popular cleaning methods in America.

Dry Compound Cleaning
When using the method of Dry Compound Cleaning, cleaners will scrub an absorbent cleaning compound into the carpet which then dissolves particles of dirt and grime which have become embedded in the carpet. The compound cleaning solution is usually used for spot cleaning by professional cleaners such as ProClean carpet cleaning Methuen MA

Another commonly used form of cleaning is the encapsulation cleaning process. This process uses detergent polymers (fluorochemicals) that bind particles of detergent with particles of dirt. It then dries and transforms into a brittle crystalline solution which is then vacuumed. 

Bonnet cleaning
When engaging in the bonnet cleaning process carpet cleaners will spray a cleaning solution onto the carpet surface and scrub the carpet with an absorbent oscillating pad. This pad is called the bonnet or buffer. The oscillating pad absorbs the cleaning solution and particles of dirt.  

Dry foam carpet cleaning
The Dry foam cleaning method involves spraying a cleaning foam on the carpet surface immediately after dry cleaning. The foam is left on the carpet for approximately10 minutes and the chemical agents will then bind with the grease and grime particles which are then vacuumed. Some brands of dry foam include chemical agents which increase color brightness and provide extended protection from dirt and grime which makes the dry foam carpet cleaning method a popular choice for professional cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Methuen MA

Vacuum washing
Another commonly used cleaning method is the Vacuum Washing Method. This method uses a vacuum machine that sprays water onto the carpet surface and then sucks up the water along with the dirt particles embedded in the carpet.