Carpet Cleaning North Andover Massachusetts

It is estimated that just over 70 million homes in America include carpeting as their chosen form of floor covering so it is hardly surprising to find that American society has a long history with rugs and carpets. In fact, American families and businesses have been covering the floors of their homes, shops, and offices with carpet for hundreds of years.

Corresponding with the growth in the carpet industry is the growth in the carpet cleaning industry. For example, it is estimated the global carpet cleaning industry in 2020 generated 1334.7 million and by 2026 it is estimated to reach USD 1654.5 million in revenue.

In America, the Carpet Cleaning Industry is worth approximately $5.0 billion, and over the last five years, the carpet cleaning services industry has experienced a 1.5% growth rate as is evidenced by companies like ProClean carpet cleaning North Andover MA 

The importance of carpet cleaning

There are many benefits to be gained from having a carpet in your home or office and many of these benefits are contingent upon keeping the carpet clean. The first and perhaps most obvious benefit is that carpets can be used to provide insulation and warmth. In areas of America that experience severe cold seasons, carpet is an effective and economically viable means of providing warmth. Carpets retain warm air longer and provide warmth and comfort where other surfaces such as tile or concrete get cold. Carpets are soft and as such, they provide a comfortable area where people can sit or lie on the floor. Children, in particular, will often lie on carpets and for this reason, it is important that carpets are regularly cleaned. Cleaning should always be done by a professional carpet cleaner such as ProClean carpet cleaning North Andover MA.

Carpets help reduce noise

Carpets also help reduce sound in particular the sound of people walking which is particularly applicable in apartment buildings. Carpets help absorb the sounds produced by electronic items such as television, sound systems, speakers, and general household items. Carpets have a layer of cushion padding which helps absorb sound. This is relevant for people who live on top of each other in apartment buildings and high-rise buildings.

Carpets also have a fashionable purpose and in many cases are considered a fashion item used to create a certain feel or ambiance to a room and even value to a home. A carpet’s color and vibrancy can be enhanced and maintained when cleaned thoroughly by ProClean carpet cleaning North Andover MA.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Contrary to popular belief carpet actually improves indoor air quality. Carpet acts as a filter trapping dirt, grease and grime, and allergenic particles like pollen, fungi, bacteria, and residue, thereby removing them from the air people are breathing. Scientific studies have shown that people who suffer from asthma and/or allergies have experienced an improvement in their symptoms after installing carpets in their homes.

That’s the good news but the bad news is that carpets can become full of dirt and allergens which is why they need regular cleaning. conducted by qualified carpet cleaners like ProClean carpet cleaning North Andover MA. Thorough carpet cleaning removes the dirt and allergens from the carpets and allows them to keep on trapping them and keeping the air you breathe clean.

The most common form of accident in America is slips or falls. Statistics show that more than one million people per year need emergency medical treatment because of a slip or a fall. Put another way that’s more than one million people in America annually or two thousand people each day.  Carpets are important when it comes to slips and falls because they provide a less slippery surface and they provide a softer surface to land on and thereby helping prevent serious injury.

Mold and VOCs

Mold and VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds tend to accumulate in carpets however if the carpet is made from synthetic fibers and regularly cleaned by professional cleaners such as ProClean carpet cleaning North Andover MA this will significantly lessen the amount of mold and VOCs that can build up in the carpet.

Different types of carpet cleaning

5000 years ago, when we first started using carpet cleaning methods were at best rudimentary. Simply hanging up the carpet and beating it with a stick was the generally accepted approach. The forms of carpet have progressed since then as have the carpet cleaning methods.

In modern times we have various cleaning techniques that are general and specialized. One of the most common cleaning methods is dry cleaning. Dry Cleaning uses VLM Very Low Moisture cleaning equipment in conjunction with dry compounds, and single application cleaning solutions. Dry Cleaning is a common cleaning method used by ProClean carpet cleaning North Andover MA.

Other popular cleaning methods include hot water extraction, dry compound cleaning, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, and dry foam cleaning.