Carpet Cleaning Plaistow, NH

The humble carpet; people walk all over it without giving it a second thought and yet all over the world it is an essential part of people’s lifestyle.  When it comes to how we perceive carpet there is definitely an ironic duality.

On the one hand, carpets are overlooked, stepped all over, and taken for granted. We view them from a purely functional perspective. They are there to provide a floor covering, and at best a surface that offers warmth, softness, and comfort.

On the other hand, carpets are a recording of our history, an expression of our creativity, and an iconic fashion statement. In this respect, carpets are used to add a certain feel or look to a room or even to add financial value to a house.

Just as we have different purposes for carpets, we also have different cleaning methods. For example, a carpet cleaning service like ProClean carpet cleaning Plaistow NH will use different cleaning methods for a bedroom carpet than an office carpet.

The history of cleaning carpets

It is believed carpets first appeared approximately 5,000 years ago in the Euphrates Mesopotamia region where they were used as a functional floor covering. These carpets were handwoven from goat hair or wool and provided warmth as well as a soft surface to sit or lie on.

The oldest carpet discovered by archeologists is the Pazyryk carpet which dates back to 5th century B.C. This carpet was found in the tomb of a Scythian Prince and it is handwoven from animal hair. The carpet features intricate pictures depicting the lifestyle of the Scythian people.

In 5th century B.C. they didn’t have the cleaning technology or cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Plaistow NH so they used what was available which usually meant beating the carpet with a stick. 

Around the time of the industrial revolution, people began using lemon juice to clean their carpets. Lemon would be squeezed over a stained patch of carpet, left to dry, and then washed away. The lemon juice would dissolve the stain which would then be washed away. Lemon juice was considered an all-purpose cleaning solution and in its own way, lemon juice was the first detergent.

In the latter half of the 18th century, new carpet cleaning methods started appearing and one of the more innovative methods was the clay paste cleaning method. This involved applying a mix of clay and water to a heavily soiled or stained patch of carpet, leaving it to dry and break up the dirt particles or absorb the stain. This method was innovative because it broke up dirt particles and absorbed stains and in so doing formed the basis for modern-day cleaning methods such as those used by ProClean carpet cleaning Plaistow NH.

Different types of carpets require different cleaning methods

Most carpet experts categorize carpets into two different categories, Loop Pile and Cut Pile.

The first carpet type is Cut Loop Carpet. The Cut Loop Carpet is composed of a combination of looped and straight fibers and typically they feature designs woven into the carpet. The best cleaning methods are determined by the material used to make the carpet and the length and thickness of the carpet fibers.
Cut Loop carpets are often made from nylon which has the tendency to easily capture dirt particles so carpet cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Plaistow NH will normally use a special vacuum cleaner known as a bonnet cleaner that incorporates a rotating head bar/brush that loosens the dirt particles and then sucks them into the vacuum cleaner.

Another very common Loop Pile carpet is the Berber. A Berber carpet features short loops which makes it durable and helps with stain resistance. The short loops also mean that the dirt particles tend to stay on the upper surface rather than sinking deeper into the carpet, which makes them easier to clean. 

The Berber carpet is in many ways very functional however, it does have one downside which is the fact that the loops can easily get pulled loose or broken if the wrong cleaning method is used. Modern cleaning companies such as ProClean carpet cleaning Plaistow NH will usually use a vacuum cleaner that enables the cleaner to control the speed of the spinning brush so as to avoid snagging and unraveling.

Another very common yet completely different type of carpet is the Shag Pile carpet. The Shag Pile carpet is composed of long and loosely packed fibers which mean dirt and dust can sink to the lower levels of the carpet surface.

Shag carpets easily get dirty and have to be cleaned often using specialized equipment. For example, special cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Plaistow NH will use a powerful vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and large wheels so it can negotiate the long fibers. Normally these vacuum cleaners will have a stationary head and will be tough and sturdy.