Carpet Cleaning Windham NH

It is estimated that there are approximately 139 million homes in America and 51 percent of these homes have carpeting. The fact is carpet is an extremely popular type of floor covering in American homes and this popularity has spawned a significant increase in professional carpet cleaning services like ProClean carpet cleaning Windham NH

The history of carpet cleaning

The initial way to clean a carpet was to sweep it with a broom or hang it up and beat it with a stick or a straw broom. A renewed emphasis on cleanliness developed around the time of the industrial revolution and during the 1830s the new method of cleaning using lemon juice first began to appear.

Lemon juice was considered an all-purpose, all-natural cleaning agent and it was used mainly to remove stubborn stains.

When compared to modern methods of carpet cleaning utilized by companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Windham NH these methods seem rudimentary but at the time they were considered useful and practical means of cleaning.

By the late 18 hundred’s new carpet cleaning methods were beginning to appear including the chloroform and clay paste methods. These carpet cleaning methods were basic but effective, however, unlike modern methods, thesemethods would often create as many problems as they solved.

The different types of carpet cleaning

It is estimated that there are over 2,000 bacteria per square inch of carpet and that doesn’t include dust mites, insects, or allergens like pollen or mold. Carpets can be a trap for germs and dirt and can represent a health risk. This is why it is essential that when cleaning carpets you should use professional cleaning services like ProClean carpet cleaning Windham NH

Here are some commonly used cleaning methods.

Hot Water Extraction System
The Hot Water Extraction system utilizes cleaning equipment that sprays hot water and detergent into the carpet which dislodges and dissolves dirt, grime, and stains.

Dry Cleaning
Another commonly used method of carpet cleaning is dry cleaning. Dry Cleaning will utilize Very Low Moisture cleaning equipment together with dry compounds, and application cleaning solutions. Because dry cleaning is a very low moisture cleaning system it is often a quicker and less labor-intensive process, making it a popular method used by professional carpet cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Windham NH

Dry Compound Cleaning
Dry Compound Cleaning involves brushing and scrubbing an absorbent cleaning compound into a carpet. The compound cleaning solution dissolves dirt and grime embedded in the carpet. The compound cleaning solution is left to dry and absorb and is then removed with a vacuum cleaner. This method is mostly used for cleaning small areas or spot cleaning.

The Encapsulation cleaning process uses “Encapsulators” which are specialty detergent polymers that bind detergent molecules and residual soils creating a brittle crystalline material that is removed from the carpet by vacuuming. This cleaning process is particularly popular with professional cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Windham NH because it produces a particularly deep clean, which is long-lasting and prevents carpet fiber from binding with dirt molecules for a longer period of time.

Bonnet cleaning
The bonnet cleaning process involves spraying a cleaning solution onto the carpet surface and this is then scrubbed by an absorbent oscillating pad known as the buffer or bonnet. The oscillating pad attracts and draws in dirt particles.

Dry foam carpet cleaning
The Dry foam cleaning method happens immediately after dry cleaning and it involves applying a cleaning foam to the carpet surface. The foam is left on the carpet for approximately10 minutes allowing the chemical agents to remove grease and grime from the carpet surface. Dry foam carpet cleaning is a common method used by professional carpet cleaning companies like ProClean carpet cleaning Windham NH.