Commercial cleaning Salem NH

People have been cleaning for thousands of years but funnily enough, commercial cleaning companies are a comparatively new entity. In fact, America’s first commercial cleaning enterprise didn’t happen until 1969 when a college student named Jim Cavanaugh started a small commercial cleaning company in Norman Oklahoma, called Jani-King, an abbreviation of Janitor and King.

From its humble beginnings, Jani-King has grown exponentially and it now boasts more than 12,000 Jani-King franchises with 120 franchised regional offices in 16 different countries around the world.

Like the Jani-King franchise, the commercial cleaning industry as a whole has also grown exponentially. At present times it is estimated the global cleaning market is valued at $60.25 billion and in America alone there are 1,136,663 professional cleaning services like Jani-King and ProClean Commercial Cleaning Salem NH

Different types of cleaning services

Green cleaning
With the modern-day emphasis on going green and sustainability, Green Cleaning is becoming more and more popular. As the name suggests green cleaning means cleaning using only natural products and using procedures that are safe for the environment. 

Green Cleaning considerably reduces the number of chemicals used in the cleaning process and reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitted into the environment. Green cleaning also helps extend the lifespan of carpets and upholstery as it is a lot less damaging than chemical cleaning.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Another very common form of commercial cleaning service is carpet and upholstery cleaning. Currently, there are an estimated 63,000 carpet and upholstery cleaning services like ProClean Commercial Cleaning Salem NH situated throughout America. These companies produce annual revenue of $3 billion.

Emergency response cleaning
As the name suggests emergency response cleaning is cleaning that happens in response to a mess created by an emergency. Emergencies can take many forms including floods, strong winds, structural damage caused by earthquakes, damage resulting from a chemical or oil spill, or damage caused by fire.

Glass Cleaning
Nearly every building in the world incorporates some sort of glass whether it be in the form of windows, doors, tables, or even flooring. The advantages of glass are that it is elegant, and it comes in an extensive range of different colors, shapes, shades, sizes, and textures.

Secure Cleaning
Some buildings contain highly classified information but like all buildings, these buildings get dirty and need cleaning. And herein lies the problem. For a secure building to be cleaned it is necessary to have cleaners that can be trusted like those employed by ProClean Commercial Cleaning Salem NH

Post Construction cleaning
Construction and the ensuing mess are inevitable, as one is the natural byproduct of the other. Whenever there is construction going on there will be a mess of some sort that needs to be cleaned. The construction industry in America is huge generating $1.11 trillion in revenue, which of course means the construction cleaning industry is also huge. Typically, a company specializing in Construction Cleaning will be involved in removing debris and leftover building material as well as cleaning the actual building of dust and dirt created by the construction process.

Different cleaning methods
There is a wide variety of different cleaning methods used by commercial cleaning companies such as ProClean Commercial Cleaning Salem NH and the particular cleaning method used will be determined by what surface is being cleaned and what material is being cleaned.

Commercial cleaning is generally divided into wet cleaning and dry-cleaning processes. There are six commercial cleaning processes that cover just about any type of commercial cleaning and these are;   

The Rotowash cleaning system uses a hand-pushed machine that has rotating brushes, a washing system, and a vacuum function. The rotating brushes wash the surface area and loosen and lift dirt and dust particles which are then sucked up by the vacuum.

Truck-mounted steam cleaner
Commercial cleaning outfits such as ProClean Commercial Cleaning Salem NH will use steam cleaning and for the bigger jobs, this will often involve a steam vacuum cleaner with hoses attached, mounted on the back of a truck.  This process involves hot water extraction. Hot water in the form of steam is applied to the surface area being cleaned. This loosens embedded dust and dirt particles and destroys germs and allergens. After pulling the dirt and dust particles to the surface, these are then vacuumed up.

Deep Extraction
The deep extraction process is used to clean carpets and fabrics and it involves spraying chemical cleaning agents and conditioner into the surface area being cleaned. The cleaning agents penetrate the carpet or fabric dissolving stains, killing germs and allergens, and lifting dirt and dust particles to the surface where they are sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.

Other cleaning methods utilized by commercial, cleaning companies like ProClean Commercial Cleaning Salem NH include Encapsulation which absorbs dust and dirt and then crystallizes so it can be easily vacuumed up, Steam Cleaning, and floor maintenance cleaning. The floor maintenance system uses machinery to mop the floors, removing stains and dirt and then cleaning the washed area with a machine that scrubs, buffs, and polishes flooring.

Lastly, another very common method used by commercial cleaning companies is using germicidal wipes. This method is used to clean smaller surfaces that are in constant contact with people in both commercial and home settings.