Upholstery cleaning Andover MA

There’s something special about your favorite couch. It can be the fashionable design, the level of comfortableness, the feel, and smell, or just something as simple as sentimental value. The upholstery is an important part of any couch and yet mostly goes unnoticed. 

The textiles used to make upholstery have been around for centuries but modern upholstery is a comparatively new invention emerging first in London in the 17th century. The first upholstery was used in making tents and as wall hangings and draperies. In its early stages upholstery was used for practical purposes and to a lesser extent decoration and it wasn’t until the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 in England that upholstery became associated with providing comfort, by being used on furniture and cushions.

As upholstery developed so too did the upholstery cleaning methods and some of the principles old fashioned cleaning methods established are still the basis for modern cleaning companies like ProClean upholstery cleaning Andover MA.

The history of upholstery

In the Elizabethan era, upholstered furniture began to become a fashion item for the rich and this started the development of upholstered settees where people could sit together in comfort. These settees are generally regarded as the prototype for the modern-day sofa.

The industrial revolution saw several innovations appear such as machine-woven fabrics, chemical dyes, metal springs, and printed material. These innovations meant that higher-quality upholstery was produced and because it could be massed produced this meant the cost went down and upholstery now became available to the general public.

During the Elizabethan era, cleaning methods were rudimentary and included lightly scrubbing the surfaces with a damp cloth or brushing and sweeping with a broom or waxing. All of these methods relied on the basic principle of removing dirt and stains and they form the base for modern-day cleaning methods used by professional cleaning companies such as ProClean upholstery cleaning Andover MA.

There are five main methods of cleaning that are used by professional cleaners and these include:

Steam heat extraction
The steam heat extraction method uses hot steam to remove surface dust and grime, loosen embedded dirt particles and kill allergens and germs. After steaming the surface area is then vacuumed which removes any residue moisture or dirt particles.

The steam extraction process has several advantages including; it uses very little water and all excess moisture is removed during the cleaning process. This method is both faster and cheaper than other cleaning methods. Because of these advantages, steam heat extraction is commonly used by professional cleaning companies like ProClean upholstery cleaning Andover MA.

Another common method is what is called chemical cleaning. This method will involve using special chemical solutions to remove dirt, stains, and embedded particles. Professional cleaners will often use chemical cleaning methods because they know which chemicals are safe and will not cause harm to people or damage the upholstery.

Some people choose to clean their upholstery themselves and they will use chemicals like vinegar and mild-warm water mixed with detergent. For grease and oil stains they will use salt which absorbs the stain. Salt is mainly used for spot cleaning. Do it yourself chemical cleaning can be effective in the short term but for a thorough cleaning, it is always best to use a professional cleaning service such as ProClean upholstery cleaning Andover MA.

Carbonation cleaning
The carbonation cleaning method uses carbonated cleaning solutions which are believed to copy a natural form of cleaning and produce the best results. In fact, people often say that the carbonation cleaning process leaves their couches and upholstery throughout the house having that brand new look and feel. 
The carbonation cleaning process works by bombarding the embedded particles of dirt and grime with millions of minute air bubbles which loosens them and brings them up to the surface making them easier for the vacuum to suck up.

This cleaning method has several advantages including; it only takes a short period of time and it leaves your furniture with that brand new just out of the store look. Carbonation cleaning like most cleaning methods is best done by professional cleaners such as ProClean upholstery cleaning Andover MA
Two other cleaning methods commonly used to clean upholstery are foam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Foam Cleaning
Foam cleaning involves applying a foam cleaning solution by hand then allowing it to be absorbed into the upholstery loosening dirt and grime particles and dissolving stains. After it has dried what is left over is then vacuumed up.

Foam cleaning has the advantage of being controllable in terms of the amount of foam used, it is a quick process that involves very little moisture and it has excellent results leaving your upholstery looking fresh and new.

Dry Cleaning
Perhaps the most common method of cleaning used by professional cleaners like ProClean upholstery cleaning Andover MA is dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning involves a chemical powder being sprinkled on the area needing to be cleaned. The powder is then rubbed in, left to dry, and then vacuumed up. The big advantage of dry cleaning is that it doesn’t use water which means there is no water damage, no shrinkage, it is safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces and there is no time wasted waiting for it to dry.