Upholstery cleaning Derry NH

Scrubbing and cleaning your furniture upholstery is an annoying, time-consuming yet totally necessary job. The reality is that your humble couch is one of the dirtiest germ and allergen-laden places in your house or office. In fact, recent studies have shown the humble couch may harbor more germs dirt, and allergens than a toilet seat.

It is possible to clean your upholstery yourself but in so doing you risk shrinkage, damaged upholstery, and lack of a deeply penetrating clean. For these reasons most people when looking to thoroughly clean their upholstery will engage the services of a professional cleaning company like ProClean upholstery cleaning Derry NH.

The different material and cleaning methods

There are many different materials used to make upholstery which in turn means there are also different cleaning methods. The fabrics which are used to make upholstery can be divided into two categories, natural and synthetic. Natural fabrics are those which appear naturally in nature and synthetic fabrics are those created by humans using a chemical process.

Perhaps the most extensively used natural fiber is cotton. Cotton has the advantage of being soft, stable, durable, lightweight, cheap to purchase, and resistant to fading. On the negative side cotton stains easily and it catches dirt particles and dust easily. 

Cotton can also be subject to shrinkage if washed or cleaned incorrectly which is why many people with cotton-based upholstery will utilize the services of a professional cleaning company such as ProClean upholstery cleaning Derry NH.

Silk is a superbly luxurious material that has been used as upholstery for literally thousands of years. The first recorded use of silk in upholstery was in Ancient Egypt where royalty and the wealthy class would use it for bedding and furniture upholstery. Still to this day, Silk is one of the more expensive upholstery materials due to the fact that it is a super-smooth, comfortable, and luxurious material.

The three main types of silk used in upholstery are silk dupioni, (a slubbed surface silk that is tightly woven and very lustrous,) silk shantung (shantung silk is a plain weave silk that originally came from the Chinese province of Shandong,) and silk linen (also known as Silk Matka which is a handwoven medium weight 100% silk material.)

Silk is a sensitive material that damages easily which is why when cleaning silk people exercise extreme care or better still use professionals such as ProClean upholstery cleaning Derry NH.

Wool is a totally natural material that has been used for upholstery possibly longer than any other material. Human beings have been using wool for close to ten thousand years and during that time it has provided the same basic functions. Primitive men used wool for warmth, shelter, and clothing but as he progressed and learned to weave and spin wool, the uses of wool increased and it was used for clothing, carpets upholstery, and many other uses.

Wool can be gotten from sheep, muskoxen, bison, rabbits, and camels. Wool is distinguished from normal animal hair because it is crimped and elastic.

Wool is naturally stain-resistant which means it doesn’t have to be cleaned as much as other materials however the downside of wool is it can create a musty odor after being cleaned if any excess moisture is left on the surface. For this reason, professional cleaning services like ProClean upholstery cleaning Derry NH when cleaning wool will use cleaning procedures that use minimum moisture. 

Leather, like wool, is a natural material that people have been using for thousands of years. Leather has many advantages over other materials used for upholstery and these include; Synthetic fibers
Synthetic materials first appeared in 1935 when Wallace Hume Carothers working for the DuPont organization invented Nylon. Since then, advancements in the development of synthetic materials have been plentiful and rapid, and in today’s market, there is a wide variety of different materials that are used in making upholstery.

The main synthetic materials used for making upholstery include Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Acrylic, and Rayon.

All of these materials are more stain and dirt-resistant, more durable, and easier to clean than natural materials because they can be cleaned using a wide range of different cleaning methods without being damaged.  

Even though it is possible to clean synthetic upholstery by hand washing it is generally recommended that people use professional cleaners like ProClean upholstery cleaning Derry NH to avoid damage and ensure the clean is deeply penetrating and will last.