Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA

Upholstery! We see it and experience it every day without giving it a second thought. And yet upholstery is an essential part of our everyday existence. Upholstery has multiple functions both practical and fashionable. For example, upholstery provides comfort and warmth, and at the same time acts as decoration or a fashion statement.

Choosing the right upholstery

Choosing the right upholstery can be confusing not only because there are so many different options but also because there are so many external conditions that have to be taken into consideration.  Typically factors such as durability, style, color, size, and cleanability are taken into account. When it comes to cleaning your upholstery, you can do it yourself, or for a more thorough clean with less risk of damage, call professional cleaners like ProClean Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA.

Some upholstery cleaning stats

Total revenue produced by the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry in 2021 was approximately $5 billion and there were approximately 70,000 registered professional cleaning services.

The demand for carpet and upholstery cleaning experienced substantial growth in 2021 as the industry bounced back from business closures and a general weakening of the economy in response to Covid lockdowns. Demand for carpet and upholstery cleaning is closely linked to factors such as disposable income, and consumer spending. Peoples’ disposable income increased as did consumer spending and the profit margins of companies. These are all key drivers of demand for professional carpet cleaning services such as ProClean Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA.

The importance of cleaning upholstery

Upholstery is constantly exposed to humans and as such can carry germs and allergens. Microscopic germs and allergens can be trapped by the fabric fibers and then passed onto you when via physical contact.

In fact, your living room couch is one of the dirtiest places in your entire household and studies have found it is even dirtier than your toilet seat. The family couch is literally a trap for body oils, sweat, odors, dust, and dirt which is one very important reason it should be regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning company like ProClean Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA.

Other reasons to regularly clean your couch include;

How often should upholstery be cleaned?

Recent surveys have found that the average person spends, at a minimum, 16 hours a week sitting on their couch, and this does not include when other family members, visitors, or pets occupy the couch. In other words, your humble couch is a high traffic area which in turn makes it an area where germs dirt and allergens can accumulate.

Despite this, the reality is that people rarely bother to clean their couches. In fact, recent studies have shown that on average people clean their couches once a year, and 12 % of those surveyed admitted to having never cleaned their couches.

Given your couches capacity to trap and store germs, dirt and allergens it makes sense that it should be cleaned by professional cleaners like ProClean Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA at least once every six months.

Upholstery cleaning methods

Anyone with experience in cleaning upholstery will always tell you, that it is best to get professional cleaners to clean your upholstery. Where home cleaners are normally restricted to spot cleaning and risk damaging the upholstery, professional cleaners can do a more thorough clean with a much lesser risk of damage because they use specialized methods and cleaning machinery.   

Here are some upholstery cleaning methods often used by professional upholstery cleaners.

Steam heat extraction
The steam heat extraction method is a method commonly used by professional cleaning companies such as ProClean Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA. The steam heat extraction method uses a cleaning machine that sprays hot steam onto the upholstery surface which loosens dirt and dust particles and kills germs and allergens. After spraying the steam, the same machine is used to vacuum the surface area which sucks up any remaining particles germs or residue.

This method uses minimum moisture and consequently lessens the chances of shrinkage occurring plus it is a comparatively quick process and less expensive.

Another common form of cleaning is carbonation cleaning. The carbonation cleaning method involves spraying a carbonated cleaning solution onto the upholstery, which penetrates the upholstery fibers, loosens dirt and dust particles, and forces them to the surface where they are then wiped from the upholstery surface. This process also leaves a protective coating that keeps your upholstery looking good and helps prevent future accumulation of grease, dirt, dust, and grime.

Other cleaning methods often used by professional cleaning companies like ProClean Upholstery cleaning Haverhill MA include chemical cleaning, foam cleaning, and arguably the most commonly used method of all dry cleaning.