Upholstery cleaning North Andover MA

Upholstery is something we see every day and take for granted but the reality is, we really can’t do without upholstery in modern society. Upholstery has been used to support, cover, and protect our furnishings for hundreds of years and it is an essential item found in nearly all modern homes throughout the world.

Upholstery is important both on a practical level and on a fashionable level. The upholstery fabric that covers your furniture can influence the look and feel of an entire room therefore, it is essential that you choose the right color and material for your upholstery and the right cleaning method. That’s where professional cleaning companies like ProClean upholstery cleaning North Andover MA. become so important.

Definition of upholstery

Upholstery can be defined as the material or fabric, padding, or springs used to make a soft covering, usually for a seat or other furniture. 

Different types of upholstery fabrics and the best cleaning methods

There are many different materials that are used to make upholstery and they are both natural and synthetic. The natural material includes cotton, silk, wool, leather, and linen. The synthetic material includes polyester, olefin (polypropylene) nylon, acrylic, and rayon.

When choosing cleaning methods for your upholstery it is important to know which cleaning methods are best for the type of fabric you are cleaning,

The most commonly used natural material for upholstery is cotton. Cotton is comfortable and durable but it is susceptible to stains which means it has to be cleaned quite often. The best way to clean cotton and the method most commonly used by cleaning companies like ProClean upholstery cleaning North Andover MA is a simple cold-water wash together with detergent or cleaning fluid. Cotton does not respond well to hot water or steam and is prone to shrinkage.

Another commonly used upholstery fabric is wool. Wool has the advantage of being very durable, warm and responds well to dying, and holds color brightness well. Because of its durability wool is the ideal upholstery for high traffic areas.

To clean woolen upholstery, it is important to use cold water and a detergent that is specifically designed to be used with wool. Professional cleaning companies such as ProClean upholstery cleaning North Andover MA are familiar with the best methodsto clean woolen upholstery and take special care not to leave residue moisture which cannoticeable odors when left on wool.

Another natural material used for upholstery is silk. Silk has a long history and humans have been using it for over 5 thousand years. Silk is considered a luxurious fabric and it is more expensive than other forms and also more sensitive when it comes to cleaning. Silk is a delicate sensitive material subject to color fading and other damage if cleaned incorrectly. Professional cleaning companies like ProClean upholstery cleaning North Andover MA will either use a soft detergent with lukewarm water or dry cleaning. Silk is a delicate material so cleaners will always clean it gently taking care not to cause damage.

One of the most popular forms of upholstery material is leather. Leather is a go-to, choice for many because leather is durable, ages and wears well, and is easy to repair. Leather is also recyclable, versatile, comfortable, attractive, and luxurious. 

Leather is comparatively easy to clean compared to other materials because it is stronger and more durable. To clean leather upholstery, professional cleaning outfits such as ProClean upholstery cleaning North Andover MA will use water and a specialized chemical cleaning solution or a simple detergent and water. 

Household cleaners will sometimes use a mixture of water and vinegar but professional cleaners will use specialized cleaning chemicals or detergents together with water. The main aim of professional cleaners is to not only clean the leather but also rejuvenate it, leaving it shiny clean, and new looking.

Another commonly used material for upholstery is linen. The advantage of linen is that it is easy to print on and can be used to show off intricate designs and bright colors. The weakness of linen is that it easily wrinkles and stains which means frequent cleaning by professional cleaners like ProClean upholstery cleaning North Andover MA. Typically, professional cleanerswill use dry cleaning methods to clean leather in order to avoid damage or shrinking.

Synthetic Fabrics.
The main synthetic fabrics used to make upholsteryinclude Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Acrylic, and Rayon. The advantages of synthetic material are that it is more stain and dirt-resistant and easier to clean. It is also more durable than natural materials and can be cleaned using a wide variety of methods without sustaining damage.